Hedgehog Cake

Ingredients for Hedgehog cake
  • 200 g of Ladyfingers biscuits
  • 500 ml of whipping cream
  • 200 g of chocolate
  • 50 g of almonds (peeled, chopped like needles)
  • 3 chocolate dragees for eyes and nose
  • little bit of milk

How to make Ganache cream:
1. 500 ml of whipping cream put on heat, and start heating. Take it off from heat when it’s really hot, but don’t let it to boil.
2. In hot whipping cream put chocolate chunks, and mix them until you melt it.
3. Put cream in the fridge, and let it to cool off. The best way it’s to cool it all night.
4. When you have cold cream, mix it with mixer just like regular whipped cream, and you’ll get firm cream with which you will create the cake.

Preparation of the Hedgehog cake:
1. This cake doesn’t demand baking in the owen, so prepare a plate (minimum width 25 cm) on which you will serve the cake because you can’t move it later to another dish.
2. In deep plate put some milk, in which you will moisten Ladyfingers before you start to arrange it on the plate.
3. Arrange Ladyfingers on this principe, and put Ganache between every row (3 Ladyfingers are going in the width, and 5 in high).

slaganje torte jež

4. When you have finished your creation, put more cream all over the cake and smooth it.
5. At the end, insert all almand ‘needels’ all over the back of hedgehog cake. And don’t forget the eyes and nose made from chocolate dragees :)

Original recipe from chlidren’s cookbook:

Ja sam mala kuharica